We must never forget the price of Freedom


Because reproduction Shakers and ram air units are what I do. Of course I have some other parts too but it's obvious what my main line is. You may find another repop Shaker out there but it won't be from anyone like me. I've gone out and done what no one else would do. Not only did I bring you the best fitting , best looking and most complete small block Shaker, I made the big block as well but I didn't stop there. You asked for others so I did the :

Still want more ?

How about snorkels for all of the above including the 68 Shelby GT 500KR !

How about:


Because I'm tried of vendors trying to bend me over when I try to buy parts.

Because I want to be the guy that makes people open their eyes to the fact that you don't have to pay the kings ransom to get cool parts for your ride.

Because just like you I have cars that I'm building/restoring and I need to pay for them.

Because this is America and everyone is free to pursue their own business interest and I choose to do business in the hobby that I love.

Because my Mom and wife said I could.


I'm not gonna lie to you by claiming mine are the only repop Shakers out there, that would be stupid. I will say that mine are the only ones I know of that are made specifically for Mustangs and believe me when I tell you that ,  I look hard. . Others look similar but just don't cut the mustard as they aren't actually for a Mustang but for an Australian Falcon. That's right, some Aussie Falcons came from the factory with a Shaker. Since the Aussie Falcon is on an intermediate Ford platform like the Torino it has a taller hood line and therefore  is too tall for a Mustang.  Don't even think of putting it on a big block.