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Custom Show Boards and Pictures

by Palmieri Concepts Design Studio


The examples below are designs created by Anthony Palmieri of Palmieri Concepts.

To see more example or to get your own custom design visit www.PalmieriConcepts.com


These designs were done using actual photographs of our clients vehicles.

The idea is to design something that reflects the owners personality, and the nature of the vehicle.


With any display, the idea is to get the attention of the viewer (including the judges) and highlight the features of the vehicle. What makes your vehicle different from the same model parked next to it?

These are just a "few" example showboards that do just that!



Often the artwork for showboard or picture is printed as large wall poster for our clients. These are 24'x30" posters.


Palmieri Concepts 2005 Mustang

Palmieri Concepts 1971 Chevelle Palmieri Concepts texas Chopper
Palmieri Concepts 1970 mach 1 Cobra Jet Palmieri Concepts AMC AMX Palmieri Concepts Pro Street camaro
Palmieri Concepts Mustang Painting Palmieri Concepts Black and White Sketch Palmieri Concepts Bech Porsche Sypder

We are always looking for ways to help our customers make their vehicles stand out. These are a few of the 3D Cutout signs that we did.

Palmieri Concepts Custom Signs

Many people are so intrigued by your vehicle that that want to take an even closer look. However, this interest often causes them to get too close. These magnets and dash plaques were designed for our clients as a polite way to remind viewers not to touch.

Palmieri Concepts Dash plaques and magnets


This page would not be complete without showing the transformation that a FORD RAM AIR Shaker did for my Mustang.

Palmieri Concepts Mustang

Palmieri Concepts Mustang with shaker