Here are the ram air units I offer in all their glory. These kits are designed to be as complete and authentic as possible. You can add such options as snorkels, flappers & actuators, decals & fittings. They are completely customizable to your needs.  Check the options list at the bottom of the page to dress your ram air unit the way you want.

Please note that due to an increase in the cost of actuators the prices have increased accordingly.

We must never forget the price of Freedom

Shelby 1968 GT500KR

  Currently available for the 1968 KR  with  1969 & 1970 soon to come. How many times have you seen these cars at shows wearing a Cobra oval air cleaner ? Ever wonder why ? It could it be because the original ram air units are hard to find and the special one year only KR snorkel costs a small fortune. Now you can stand out from the crowd even further with functional ram air.

The unit consists of the following :

  The only other part you'll need that's not listed is the plenum which is available from Tony Branda Performance . I could buy it and resell it to you but that would just raise the cost of the system unnecessarily. It's better that you buy it direct and save yourself a few bucks.

This is one my units installed in my friend Franky Agugliaro's 68 GT500KR

Part #   MRA-KR    





Cobra Jet 1968 1/2

    This was the first production ram air unit made by Ford. Offered on the 68 1/2 Cobra Jet Mustang this  unit was offered on the early 69 Mustang and a similar unit on the 69 Torino/Cyclone. It was also the basic structure for the shaker. 

    It was designed to fit the 428CJ engine but will also work on the 390 .  As with all other under hood ram air units you are limited to which intake manifolds you can use. This means staying close to stock specs. By no means am I saying you must use the heavy cast iron anchor, in fact there are many aftermarket intakes that will work but don't think you're gonna run a Victor JR or a Performer RPM with this unit.

The unit consists of the following :


Part #   MRA-428    



Boss 429

   As we all know these are low production high value cars. The demand for these units is also extremely low but as it's been from the beginning my goal is to offer shaker & ram air units for all Ford & Mercury applications. I did this unit almost solely for that reason. Not to worry though, as with all my products it's dead on in fit, appearance and detail.

The unit consists of the following :


Part #   MRA-429B



Mustang 1971-1973

   There are two kits available for the 71-73 Mustangs, the 351C and the 429SCJ. The bases are different and won't interchange so if you're thinking you'll buy the kit for your 351C or 302 now and put it on the 429/460 you plan to swap in later on you'll be in for a hard surprise when you can't close your hood. On these cars there's not much room for error.  If you're 3/8" too tall the hood will stick up in the back. Taller than that you won't be able to close the hood and if you try to force it you're gonna damage something.

For this reason you can't run any spacers or high rise intake on a 351C, 351W or 429/460.  That is unless you modify the base.  The up side to this kit is that the air filter assembly can rise up through the plenum about  2". This means you can trim down the 429SCJ  base to lower the seal.  Before you get too excited you have to know that you can't do this to the standard base that I ship out in the standard kit. This modification requires a special 429SCJ base which does not have the seal retainer ring attached. This way you can trim down the base as needed and when you've got it right, you bond on the ring. You may or may not have to trim the hood plenum depending on which engine & carb you're using.

Another note of concern is for 1973 owners with the 351C. For 1973 Ford used an EGR spacer plate under the 4V carb which will prevent the use of ram air. Please pay attention to this if this is your year. If you're unwilling to remove the EGR spacer then you can't use this system.  Sorry guys but this is the way it is. I want you to know this up front so we don't have any problems out back.

The 1971-1973 351C kit consists of  :

Part #   MRA-351C    



Part #   MRA-429SCJ    


Installed kit




Cougar 1967-1970 428CJ

   Not too many Cougars came with ram air and from the conflicting info I've accumulated over the last two years I can't say for sure which is the correct seal . I went to one show and saw a tall seal on a 428CJ car only to see a short seal on a different car at another show. Both owners told me that their configuration was the correct one. To make it even more confusing I've received emails with pics showing at least two different short seals. What I can say about the situation is that I've sold both the tall and short seal to big block Cougar owners and all reported that the seals fit fine. Make of it what you will. I think the best way to get the correct seal is measure from the top of the carb to the hood. There's a difference of about 2.5" between the two. What I hold to be an important issue is how the unit looks. While the tall seal did fit it was folded over and didn't look to lovely. The shorter seal looked great and seemed to me making contact with the hood proving that it did in fact fit.

With that said I can offer you a ram air unit with whatever seal you desire.  You'll get the following parts in your kit :


Part #   CRAK-428    





 Cyclone /Torino 1968-1969


The unit consists of the following :


Part #   TRAK-428    



Cyclone 1970-1971 429CJ

   The 1970-1971  Cyclone used a ram air unit very similar to the 1971 429CJ Cougar. It's dimensionally the same with different locations for breather & such but uses a different seal. The seal is much the same as the 1969 Torino but the front is notched out to work with the grille in the Cyclone's hood.

The unit consists of the following :

Part #   CYRAK-429    





Cougar 1971 429CJ

  The 1971 Cougar ram air is somewhat different than the earlier unit in that is uses a different base , locating tab, and seal. The list of components are the same as the 428CJ.

The unit consists of the following :


These pics show the breather tube on the left side which is incorrect. This is because I used the Cyclone base for these pics. I'll post pics with the correct base later on.

Part #   CRAK-429    


These are pics of the original ram air unit.


Torino 1972

   1972 would be the end of ram air for the Torino and all other Fords.  Available for both 351C and 429 engines this unit built upon earlier units with the addition of a special plate to hold the largest seal ever.  I've reproduced this seal in rubber so it'll last a life time. If you've ever seen an original they suffer the same fate as the 69 Torino foam seal. They get mashed, rolled over and look like hell. This shouldn't happen with rubber.

The unit consists of the following :



The 351C is currently available with the 429 available on special order .

Part #   TRAK-351C     TRAK-429




 Inquire due to Limited Run



428CJ - $245


429CJ - $245


Shelby GT500KR - $375


Boss 302/Torino 429SCJ - $265


Boss 429 - $400